Audacity Tutorial-Beginner Series- Part-1 of 5

First Audacity Tutorial Video in Beginner series in Audio Editing and Mixing Tips and Tutorial is posted. This will be a 5 part Series on Audacity (Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing Freeware Software).

About Audacity

Audacity is Freeware Open-Source and Cross Platform Application for Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing. In case you want to record you vocals, Podcasts or Convert your old Audio tapes into mp3 for listening on PC or Mobile phones or You want to have a shorter edit of a longer song for making a ringtone, Audacity is perfect tool.

In Part-1 of this set of 5 videos, Audacity Installations, Basic Interface, Set-up, Preferences, Tool Bar etc is explained in 10 minutes. More Video will come on website in next few days.