Raga Vrindavani Sarang

In Indian Classical Music or Hindustani Raag or Raga, Sarang is also known as Vrindavani Sarang or Bindrabani Sarang is pentatonic (5 notes) Scale Raga. It is parent raga of Sarang Ragang Family, get it's name from folk origin in Uttar Pradesh’s Vrindavan or Lord Krishna’s birth place.


Raga Details:

Aaroh-Avaroh (Scale): N. S R M P N S' - S' n P M R S 
Jati (Class): Auduv Jati - Raga which has 5 notes in it.
Pakad (Identifying Phrase): N. S R M R, P M R S-
Preferable Time: Mid-Day
Vadi Swara (Main Dominant Note): R
Samvadi swara (Harmonic Sub-Dominant Note): P
Nyas Swara(Elongated Notes): R P M S
Ragang and Important Note: Raga Vrindavani Sarang belongs toThaat Kafi and parent Raga of Sarang Ragang. Raga Sarang’s Main phrases or Anga are 'R M R, R M P M R, n P M R-' . Other than that 'S` n P M R and M R N. S comes very often. sometimes Shuddha D in avroh is also found in old composition in Grace notes and can be termed as Vivadi swara. Almost always Aaroh uses Shuddha N and Avroh uses komal n. Which keeps it apart from its another variant ‘Madhmad Sarang’, which has only komal n in both aaroh-Avroh.

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Bandish (Composition): Chhota Khyal or Drut Khayal (spoken as 'drooth kha-yaa-l)

Lyrics गीत के शब्द: स्थायी (First Stanza):
ना बोलो श्याम हमी सन
जान गई तुमरे ढंग
naa bolo shyaam hamee san,
jaan gayi tumre dhang
अन्तरा (second stanza):
कुबजा नारी अति मन भाई
अब कैसो हमरो संग
kubjaa naaree ati mana bhaai,
ab kaiso humro sang
Meaning: Radha deeply in love but annoyed with Shyam's (Krishna) absence and ignorance ask him to not to speak to her because of careless attitude towards her,
Radha taunts him that nowadays he spends more time with not-so-nice women then why he has at all come back to Radha for make it up.

Swaralipi (Notation in Bhatkhande System):