Music is the language of the world

It was a fine morning of late November. Lord Shiva’s temple was full with the devotees gathered there to greet the God with the fragrant flowers, rosy garland, pure chandan, clear water and so on. I sat in front of my dear lord Mahadev and offered him Raag Bhairav through my Bansuri. The slow movement of swaras kept gradually merging me to the creator of Raag Bhairav, himself.

Raag Bhairav is as warm  and comforting as Lord Shiva himself. It has a simple swaroop yet is one of the most challenging raagas to perform. 

People after doing their pooja kept sitting around me. With my eyes closed, I kept swaying between the magic of Komal Dhaiwat and Komal Rishabh.

Music is a language of the world, understood by every living being in the universe, not just men, even animals, birds and plants respond to it.

Flutter of wings added rhythm to my tune; I opened my eyes to find a new set of Mahadev’s devotees around me. Flock of Pigeons, who otherwise avoid coming close to people, were roaming around me, walking with their funny steps. They were so close, I could have touched them. Till the time I kept my music on, they remained there and then flew away.  

Classical Music has a power to sooth the mind; heal the body; spread love; and culture trust in such a way that you don’t remain alien to anyone around you.  Even the nature tends to get moved under the spell of melody. An infant, who doesn’t understand any language, loves the lullabies its elders sing to it. I have made a crying baby smile with a phrase of Raag Yaman on my Bansuri; and made him sleep peacefully with elongated rhythmic play of Raag Pilu. 

Lord Krishna used his Bansuri to prove the power the music has.. He used it to spread the trust amongst the herds of thousands of cows, he used it dissolve love in the heart of the Gopikas, he used to scare away the Kaliya Naag and he still uses it to keep the world in a perfect balance. 

Please share your experiences with music that you have seen around you or have felt while doing riyaaz or swar saadhna.