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This is SwarSaptak Notation or Swaralipi System used in this website along with Standard Bhatkhande Swaralipi System. This notation system is convenient to type or draw with a PC Keyboard.


SwarSaptak Notation

Indian Classical Music (North) or Hindusthani Raag Music has Standadrd Bhatkhande Notation or Swarlipi System used in books, Below is a Hindi Page Capture from Kramik Pustak Malika. SwarSaptak also uses SwarSaptak Notation ( for English and more computer friendly) in some pages.


No matter how fearsome this word 'Indian Classical music' may sound, believe me it is not Rocket Science. Any classical art form is called "classical" because it has overcome the limitation of time and period.What do I mean by this? Actually that means when something does not get old with the time and stays and grows in the people's mind can be called 'classical'.

Classical What?


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