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Announcements are over and the anchor leaves the stage. Lights brighten and the Tanpura fills the air with the magic of Sa-Pa-Sa. The artist picks the swar and announces the raga. The eyes are closed, hall is silent.  Only one sound that is slowly and gradually filling the space is the voice of the performer. The swar vistar and the aalaap is joining him thread by thread with his God through his soul. He is walking on the path laid in front of him by the chalan of the raga he is rendering.

It was a fine morning of late November. Lord Shiva’s temple was full with the devotees gathered there to greet the God with the fragrant flowers, rosy garland, pure chandan, clear water and so on. I sat in front of my dear lord Mahadev and offered him Raag Bhairav through my Bansuri. The slow movement of swaras kept gradually merging me to the creator of Raag Bhairav, himself.

Raag Bhairav is as warm  and comforting as Lord Shiva himself. It has a simple swaroop yet is one of the most challenging raagas to perform. 

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