which is your freeware audio format converter and why?

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which is your freeware audio format converter and why?

Which is your favorite freeware audio file format converter and why?

I am on windows and like 'format factory' from http://www.formatoz.com.

Its freeware but ad supported and converts almost all audio and video file formats. But i open to something better if someone can point at.

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My favorite on windows is dBPowerAmp.
It is feature rich and very easy to use. Just right click any audio file and convert it. It is not completely Freeware but accept mp3 format all other formats are free to encode and decode.

For mp3 conversion you need buy a license which is quite cheap. And more..you just install what format you need. As it does not come bloated with all unwanted formats pre-installed.

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Audacity with additional Lame v3(for mp3) and ffmpeg download is Freeware and very powerful.