4 Nov 2012


SwarSaptak website has new Downloads. And they are FREE.

Now you can download Tabla Thekas and Tanpura mp3 files. All these files are intended to help Hindustani Music Students to help in their Practice Sessions if they don't have real Tabla and Tanpura

New Uploaded files are: 5 Minutes long and can be looped (Repeat) for gapless playback

  • Tanpura -G#- Chautha Kala
  • Tanpura -A#- Panchwa Kala
  • Tanpura -C#- Pehla Kala

Tabla Theka

Teental Madhya Laya A#- without Tanpura
Teental Madhya Laya A#- with Tanpura
Ektaal Madhya Vilambit -A#-24 without Tanpura
Ektaal Madhya Vilambit -A# -24 with Tanpura
Ektaal Ati Vilambit -A# -48- without Tanpura
Ektaal Ati Vilambit -A# -48 -with Tanpura


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