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02 Feb 2014

SwaraSaptaka is Now SwarSaptak.com

SwaraSaptaka website address, branding and Internet URL is changed to easier  SwarSaptak.com Please update your bookmarks. User names, password and other deatails are unchanged. You can login with your old credentials. in case you face any issues please inform us.

09 Jan 2013


Update - News, Podcasts, Blogs and Articles -09 Jan 2013

30 Nov 2012

News, Articles and Blogs -30 Nov 2012

4 Nov 2012


SwarSaptak website has new Downloads. And they are FREE.

Now you can download Tabla Thekas and Tanpura mp3 files. All these files are intended to help Hindustani Music Students to help in their Practice Sessions if they don't have real Tabla and Tanpura

30 Aug 2012


Last two weeks SwarSaptak website has gone through many improvements and added new features.

Important new features and improvements at a glance:

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