Raga Bhairav is one of the basic and very important Raga or Raag  in Indian Classical Music or Hindustani Sangeet. It is included in 10 Thaats in Bhatkhande system. Bhairav is also found in old scriptures in the name Maalav Thaat. It is most enjoyable in early morning hours. Listen to podcast and see details, lyrics and notation for better understanding.

In Indian Classical Music or Hindustani Raag or Raga, Sarang is also known as Vrindavani Sarang or Bindrabani Sarang is pentatonic (5 notes) Scale Raga. It is parent raga of Sarang Ragang Family, get it's name from folk origin in Uttar Pradesh’s Vrindavan or Lord Krishna’s birth place.

Raga Kafi or Raag Kaafi is very Popular Raga for semi-classical composition in Indian Classical Music. Its chosen for light or semi classical or short-duration rendition compositions like Hori, Kajri, Thumri etc also.

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